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Teoria de Singularidades

On Deformations of Isolated Singularity Functions

Miriam da Silva Pereira (UFPb)

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We study multi-parameters deformations of isolated singularity functiongerms on either a subanalytic set or a complex analytic spaces. We prove that if such a deformation has no coalescing of singular points, then it has a constant topological type. This extends some classical results due to Lê & Ramanujam (1976) and Parusínski (1999), as well as a recent result due to Jesus-Almeida and the first author. It also provides a sufficient condition for a one-parameter family of complex isolated singularity surfaces in C^3 to have a constant topological type. On the other hand, for complex isolated singularity families defined on an isolated determinantal singularity, we prove that µ-constancy implies a constant topological type.

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